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OSTOVAR™: QAF (Quality Always First)

If you add hundreds of hours of research and scientific curiosity paralleled to similar or even more amount of craftsmanship with a quest for making better Medical Devices, result will be what it took to form a system from which quality products and reliable services emerge. In the sector of Medical Devices, especially implantable thoracolumbar fixators and prosthesis, where both surgeons AND the patients can be vulnerable to slightest amount of risk due to proximity of spinal cord to the operation site, the last thing all bodies involved need is an incomplete quality affecting safety and effectiveness of the implanted spinal implants. That’s why we believe in our organizational masterplan: QAF (Quality Always First) and we suggest medical companies all should consider this plan seriously.

OSTOVAR™ Quality Medical Product; Level of Accessibility

It rains on things equally;

When we say Level of Accessibility, it means how well distributed in a society can be medical devices supplied. By this short explanation, one can get the broader mission of what we at Ostovar Teb Iranian, and with OSTOVAR™ brand are after. Not only we are providing quality products and reliable services, at a higher level of social responsibility we are striving for decentralization of supply parallel to lifting availability and accessibility levels to Quality Medical Products. That is because we believe that in a medical sense, society should have equal access to quality health products and services in order for a society to become balanced and healthy as a whole. Be it Spinal Pedicular Sophisticated Construct which needs more attention for uniform quality distribution, or any other quality medical device Ostovar Teb Iranian has to offer.

OSTOVAR™: History

Every successful company started somewhere different in the calendar from the others, but what they all share is nucleus management attitude and strength of will. We at Ostovar Teb Iranian, are a group of scientific oriented people. Those who are best suited for the job make it to this company. As a Scientific Employer, we believe in Quality of people, not the Quantity of them. We have embedded this view on our QMS and every aspect of competency checklist reflects this. Being awarded ISO13485:2016, latest available quality management system compliance for medical devices, Ostovar Teb Iranian recognizes that only right people can get the job done right. We have a careers section in which we receive and analyze applicants for job positions on weekly basis, to better pack our team of skillful, educated, and dedicated manpower.

  • OSTOVAR™ is brand name of a scientific Medical Device Company in Iran, named Ostovar Teb Iranian PJSC
  • We Are Commited to Scientific Approach to Medical Devices in Areas of:
    • Design & Development
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Market Monitoring
    • Training

  • We Have Been Proven To, That Maintaining A Scientific Approach Is Rewarded By Tangible Outcomes
  • OSTOVAR™ is proud to home an all-rounder Research and Development team
    • R&D Team Targets:
      • Gather Certified Science On Subject
      • Gather Patient Data
      • Gather Physician Input
      • Monitor Patients
      • Analysis
      • Conclude Idea or Finding
      • Implement Findings In Product Or Service

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